rock climbing

The Karst is made of stone and when it it turns into a wall, becomes the temple of mountaineers. Even though being a few hundred meters above sea level, the karst plateau hides some of the most evocative places in Europe to practice the sport of climbing. Trieste, with its coast and the Karst, offers very particular geological aspects and allows, in the compliance with the rules applied in its nature reserves, of climb cliffs, walls or in the famous Val Rosandra and enjoy breathtaking sceneries. The history of this particular discipline in Trieste begins at the beginning of the twentieth century in the name of Napoleone Cozzi, a mountaineer who opened the first routes in Val Rosandra. During the twenties of the last century it is above all the legendary Emilio Comici to spread the culture of mountaineering. It is he who opens the first big ones streets, still in Val Rosandra, and on the walls of the Napoleonica road and on the Trieste Coast - Costiera.


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