rock climbing

The Karst is made of stone, and when it transforms into a vertical wall, it becomes a temple for climbers. Despite being only a few hundred meters above sea level, the Karst plateau hides some of the most picturesque climbing spots in Europe. Trieste, with its coastline and the Karst, offers unique geological aspects and allows climbers to ascend cliffs, walls, or the famous Val Rosandra while enjoying breathtaking scenery, all while respecting the rules applied in its natural reserves.

The history of this particular discipline in Trieste begins at the beginning of the 1900s with the name of Napoleone Cozzi, a mountaineer who opened the first routes in Rosandra Valley-Val Rosandra. During the period 1920-1940, it is above all the legendary Emilio Comici who spread the culture of climbing in Trieste. It is he who opens the first big routes, still in Val Rosandra, and on the walls of the Napoleonica road and on the Trieste Coast-Costiera Triestina.

Explore the roots of an ancient art, immerse yourself in the history of a discipline that has shaped the cliffs of Trieste. From Napoleone Cozzi, the pioneer who traced the first routes in the majestic Val Rosandra, to the iconic Emilio Comici (first climber of the Dolomites Tre Cime Lavaredo-Drei Zinnen North face), the legendary mountaineer who conquered the walls of the Napoleonica road and the Trieste Coast, this is the story of climbing in Trieste.

Discover the charm of these epic achievements, immersing yourself in a world of adventure and challenges. Feel the adrenaline flow through your veins as you follow in the footsteps of the great masters of climbing. Take on the vertical walls that have challenged the audacity of those who first conquered them.

Come and experience the unique thrill of climbing in Trieste, where history and passion blend in perfect harmony. Feel the strength of your muscles as you tackle the routes opened by true pioneers, leaving your mark in the history of climbing.

Come and discover the magic of Trieste, the city that gave birth to one of the most fascinating disciplines in the world. Be inspired by the beauty of its mountains and the greatness of its protagonists. Challenge yourself and let climbing in Trieste become your new passion.