The Aeolian Archipelago and Volcanoes: made up of seven islands plus various islets and rocks. A fantastic opportunity and a great adventure unforgettable in nature await you on a comfortable boat of over 15 meters (Bavaria 50), equipped with 5 cabins and 3 full bathrooms. 

We will sail for 6 days, stopping in bays most enchanting of the Aeolian Islands, to enjoy the wonderful sea Mediterranean. The Aeolian Islands already bear in their name all the charm of mythology that characterizes them: they are the islands of Aeolus, the Lord of the Winds. 

Traveling on a sailing boat moved by the wind will make us fully experience the magic, the nature and history of these lands. We will discover, along beautiful paths accompanied by a volcano guide, the islands of lava origin and theirs fantastic bays.


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